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Science Of Magnetic Attraction


Free Your Life With The Science Of Magnetic Attraction

How To Create A Powerful Magnetic Energy For Attracting A Life Of Perfect Health, Wealth and Happiness, Filled With Positive Experiences and Limitless Energy.


Self Healing System


This is a special 1hr audio session and a 30 minute hypno-fractal video session designed to reprogram your unconscious mind for self healing

With a bonus of the Guided Healing Bliss Meditation & 2 self healing eBooks (Worth $47)

This is the full 1 Hour Trypnaural Subliminal Session composed of atmospheric music, nature sounds, a deep subliminal voice track and a powerful isochronic tone embedded to take you into a deep theta state where the best healing, regeneration and growth occurs in your body.


Third Eye Awakening


This is a special series of Trypnaural B.E and guided meditation sessions for activating your third eye chakra/pineal gland for greater intuitive and sensory powers, enhanced creativity, deeper sleep and increased health and vitality.

You also get clear voice instruction that teaches you exactly how to perform each meditation correctly.

With 3 bonus eBooks for gaining a better understanding of your third eye. (Worth $47)