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These guided meditations are designed to help you discover and act from your place of highest potential.

As you listen, you will engage the natural resources of your own imagination to discover the wellspring of potential that lies within. Because this meditation is designed to create a state of deep relaxation, you should not listen to it while driving.

Choose a quiet time and place for this experience, where you can settle your body into a comfortable position, either sitting or lying down.

Higher Power

Awakening Potential

What Is Guided Imagery Meditation?

In this modern age we are facing serious sensory overload. From an early age things like entertainment and information are a simple click away. Information positive and negative in the form of T.V, movies, games, the internet, mobiles and all sorts of other wonderful technology has the potential to overstimulate our senses. It can make us less intimate with people close to us and even decrease the amount of physical activity we do.
Being so tuned into external stimuli often tunes us out and moves us away from connecting to ourselves and to each other.

We are always striving for a more balanced life. Juggling chores and several jobs at the same time is more and more common place. The world has become a more demanding and complex place. On top of this we are continuously exposed to negative news stories, images in magazines that are designed to make us feel insecure. That dreaded stress is just round the corner waiting to creep its way into your daily life. It is no wonder that 1/3 of Americans are on some form of medication, including children.

All this distraction and noise can lead you to lose your ability to identify with feelings of stress and anxiety. You may find it difficult to connect your stomach aches, headaches, restlessness or irratibility as symptoms of stress and anxiety. Since feelings can become confusing and overwhelming becoming more mindful of your feelings will help you to navigate through difficult times.

Mindfulness techniques can help you to develop self-awareness and mastery over your feelings. A natural and scientifically proven method to introduce this is through guided imagery.

Benefits of guided imagery

Guided imagery is a meditative process that uses visualization and imagination to bring awareness to the mind-body connection.
In a relaxed state of mind you can more easily access the power of this healing process because you become naturally more imaginative.

When used with special trance music that get you into deep relaxed states this power is magnified. Your conscious mind becomes less attentive to outside distraction and you awareness rises.

When this music is laced with a special script of a vivid story you can more easily learn skills that help you to deal with stress, pain or difficult feelings. You tune out of the negative and focus more on the positive.

Guided imagery can help with specific issues like sleep problems and anxiety. It can also increase creativity and boost your immune system.

You can create new neural pathways and even reinforce positive behaviours using guided imagery.

Our brains can’t distinguish between real events and imagined ones.

Imagine yourself in a very difficult time like a heated argument…

Just this feeling alone will release stress hormones in your body. If however you focus on a uplifting experience or love for someone close to you, this will increase the levels of endorphins and serotonin. In turn this will make you more relaxed and positive.

Using guided imagery you can encourage your mind to imagine positive healing experiences.

This can lead to healthier coping habits and new more empowering behaviours.

By focusing your intention on reaching your goals and creating a desired image of your life and yourself, you can rewire your brain to create new pathways that reinforce this behaviour.

This simple technique has been used for many years by trainers and success coaches to build self confidence and improve peak performance.

How To Use Guided Imagery

Guided imagery is best performed using a special script read in a calming hypnotic tone.

The power of guided imagery is magnified when combined with special trance music that is a well crafted soundtrack to the transformational journey.

It can also help you to tune out of the external noise and help you to focus on the journey ahead.

Using the same music each time can help create a sensory reminder for the body to relax.

Deep breathing exercises can help you to deeply relax before you embark on your journey to bliss.

These special breathing techniques are usually found within well crafted guided imagery scripts.

As you begin to use guided imagery you are creating a safe and special place for you to go.  Your special journey to wonderful, peaceful places are for you to visit anytime you need to.

This has been created by Trypnaural Meditation founder and meditation expert Niraj Naik. Niraj, an ex-pharmacist, now turned author and meditation coach, personally used guided imagery techniques when he recovered from a chronic stress related illness holistically without medication.

Just find a quiet comfortable place to relax, preferably just before you go to sleep. Then slip on a pair of headphones, plugin your mp3 player or computer, sit back, relax and drift in to a heavenly journey.

Guided imagery is best practiced at least 3 times a week over a few months for maximum effects.