119 Documentaries To Expand Your Consciousness

Actually, there is one more!

I urge you to click the link and read the description in the youtube video – about how I met the worlds most controversial psychic and the weirdness that has happened to me since – and keeps happening.

The Secret Life Of Uri Geller  (you will find out how he used to be a remote viewing spy, located oil + gold for major companies, was proven under lab conditions to be a legitimate psychic and metal bender, and even had Michael Jackson as his bestman)

Since I have been using my meditation techniques and Trypnaural music my personal mind power and law of attraction abilities have gone through the roof. Even Uri, the most famous mind power master of all has been impressed and we are working together on a project, that Uri and I have never done before – so watch this space, it will be mind bendingly good!

I am all about turning off the T.V and tuning into more mind expanding consciousness. What goes in, is what comes out! So you best fill your mind with positive intelligence and consciousness enhancing information rather than the mindless negative drivel you get on the T.V these days!

The lovely people over at Higher Perspectives have put together one of the best collections of mind expanding movies that you can watch for free online, that I have ever seen!

The weird but cool thing is that there are 119 of them in this collection. You will know exactly why this number is significant, when you read the description in the Uri Geller video here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_liEi6VQa8

Click Here To See The Collection Of 119 Mind Expanding Documentaries



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  1. mahanaaz
    3 years ago

    Would like to know if how could I buy the 6 CDs and manual pack, paying by cash since I do not have a credit card.